Beyond Digital Pathology's Essentials

Enabling Clinical Apps

Defy Sensory Disorders in Vision and Hearing

Hearing and Vision disorders have become public health stakes. We are designing innovative machine-learning image quantification algorithms for pre-clinical and clinical applications.

Liquid-based Cytology Revisited

We have developed a unique approach to make you benefit from the power of machine-learning technologies inside your clinical environment. Through our patent-pending digital pathology platform, you can constantly improve your lab efficiency in your daily work.

What Keen Eye does is what any Pathologists have been waiting for a long time: being able to catch attention on the key regions of interest and highlight the right element in a minute.

Eric Peltier - Pathologist - Paris, France

Discover the Most Advanced Digital Pathology Platform

All our apps rely on the most advanced web-based platform including all the digital pathology fundamentals (navigation, annotation, measurement, image manipulation) and much more.

  • digital pathology essentials
  • multi-user annotation system
  • massive image with unlimited number channels
  • image management
  • multi-modal viewer
  • no vendor lock-in
  • workflow management
  • secure on-premise and cloud deployment

Focus on Your Core Business, We Bring the Software

We know how specific your image-based assay can be and how it can represent a competitive advantage for your business. Leverage on more than 10 years of experience in biomedical image quantification and benefit from 100+ features included in the Keen Eye platform to trigger the full potential of your image-based assay.

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The Keen Eye software allows Fluidigm to review and score fluidic capture of single cells in a fast and efficient manner. Manual review of cells takes up to 4 hours, and the Keen Eye software completes the review in under 10 minutes.

Kyle Hukari - Director of Engineering, Fluidigm Corporation

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