Keen Eye Flow

Enhance your workflow. Improve your efficiency


From the microscope to your desk in a heartbeat

Get an adaptable workflow: Upload images, run analysis, review annotations, create reports, and deliver results. Get also a real-time push notification to transfer tasks with no transition downtime. 

Innovative tool


Automatic check sum validation.


Users own actions for seamless traceability.


Adapt our platform to your workflow.


Innovative workflows

We designed different ready-to-use patented workflows:

  • The Presentation workflow allows you to make presentations / educational conferences, or consensus meetings in which a presenter shares an image and possibly results with several participants (observers).
  • The Collaborative workflow allows multiple users to annotate an image while viewing annotations and comments from other users.
  • The Blind review workflow allows multiple users to blindly perform diagnostic tests without seeing the analyzes of other users.

These workflows can be adaptable to your lab.


  • Full traceability
  • Web-based  application
  • Compatibility with any device
  • Secure on-premise and cloud deployment
  • Reproducibility
  • Multi-user access including third-party access
  • Custom reports
  • Electronic signature
  • Image and project management
  • Real time communication
  • Adaptive to your worklflow


Our consultants and application engineers will assess your specific needs and help you to setup our products

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End-to-end personalized integration

Full training

Online & hotline technical support

Image & data storage

Cloud-based or self-hosted deployment

Consultancy services to optimize your workflow

Entreprise service to custom our tools for your specific needs

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