Keen Eye Viewer

Visualize, annotate and enrich your viewing experience with many features

A new experience of visualization

Keen Eye Viewer allows to easily visualize different format images. Enrich your viewing experience and enhance your images with our Web-based tool, and visualize any size: from single field of view to tera-pixel images.

Fluid full slide to pixel level viewing

The high performance of Keen Eye View gives you the possibility to do smart/continuous zoom, to have slide swipe navigation and to import Massive image with unlimited number of channels.


Full suite of State of the Art annotation tools

Benefit from our different tools to enrich your annotation experience. Choose our preset labels or create your own.


Real-time interaction with your colleagues.

Once you visualize and annotate your image, you can share the results to one or many users through our different workflows modules. They can interact, comment and annote your image.


Learn more about our different workflows


  • Web-based application
  • Compatibility with any device
  • Computer-aided slide review
  • Internal and External Collaborative annotation system
  • Multi-user annotation system
  • Massive image with unlimited number channels
  • Multi-modal viewer
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Full traceability
  • Image stack
  • Supports wide range of image formats


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