Get the AI in your hands for fast and accurate image quantification

Few minutes will save you thousands!

We designed a deep learning evolutive algorithm to leverage your detection and quantification to a new level. Having WatCell™ in your hand, will power your daily quantification.

Upload your image

Through our user-friendly platform.

Annotate few cells

Using our preset or custom labels.

Quantify thousands

Independently recognise similar cells.


Fast, accurate, and targeted image quantification

Our goal is to support your organization in building a new adaptable way of image analysis. We have developed a unique approach to make you benefit from the power of machine-learning technologies and our expertise inside your lab environment. 

WatCell™ will recognize similar cells and the results will be the same regardless the number of assays.


Specific applications and preset labels

WatCell™ recognises a large variety of cell morphology. Through our user-friendly platform, choose the specific application which will independently recognise similar cells. All our applications are powered by WatCell™: WatCell Cochlea (inner and outer hair cells) and WatCell Live&Dead and many more…


  • Machine learning algorithm
  • Reproducibility
  • Reliability
  • Supports different optical modalities
  • Supports wide range of image formats
  • Cells detection and classification


Our consultants and application engineers will assess your specific needs and help you to setup our products

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End-to-end personalized integration

Full training

Online & hotline technical support

Image & data storage

Cloud-based or self-hosted deployment

Consultancy services to optimize your workflow

Entreprise service to custom our tools for your specific needs

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